Om aronia, båda dessa sajter är fyllda av information om aronia och hälsa:
http://aroniajuice.se/Den mest omfattande artikeln om Aronia och hälsan på Svenska, rekommenderas!
Från Anna Sparres 4Health, en sida där du hittar mycket annat intressant också och Sveriges bästa poddar om hälsa!
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En ny vetenskaplig undersökning visar att Aronia juice har effekt på Covid in vitro (i labmiljö).

Antiviral activity of plant juices and green tea against SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus in vitro

Ta dig tid att läsa denna mycket informativa artikel om Aronia och hälsa från en professor i medicin från Bulgarien:

Why do we keep getting sick and it takes us long to recover?
Prof. Dr. M. Boncheva, MD.
Head of the Department of General Medicine and Clinical Laboratory
at the Medical University, Varna.
Head of Laboratory at Lozenets University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Influenza viruses cause an airborne infection. It may be contracted at any given moment. Some seasons are more favourable to one or another type of viruses, and during some seasons the body is more susceptible to infection. However, there are also people who very rarely get sick, they are affected only slightly and recover quickly.
Anyone can achieve that! It only takes effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A very important part of one’s diet is the consumption of indispensable, organic and healthy foods. Food can be our cure! Aronia berries can be such food, and they are also used to prepare an excellent cold-pressed juice with all nutrients preserved in it. Of course, labels should be read carefully and preference should be given to producers of fresh fruit with long-term established quality. The levels of sunshine in our geographical region are such that allow the cultivation of berry bushes far richer in nutrients compared to other European countries.

Aronia berries (and, consequently, the juice made from them) are extremely high in biologically active substances. Therefore, this fruit deservedly ranks among the most valuable medicinal plants. There is no other berry fruit with such a high content of polyphenols (also called vitamin P). Five times more than in other red berries! There is no artificial substitute for the polyphenolic compounds – flavonols, anthocyanins and catechins. We need daily intake of a certain amount of those, to maintain good health. They are essential for the functioning of each cell! Anthocyanins produce a strong antioxidant effect in the human body, more powerful than the conventional antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene. There are detailed studies of the action mechanism of anthocyanins at the cellular level, and the exact biochemical reactions, in which they participate, are well known. The human body is exposed to many adverse influences (malnutrition, lack of physical activity, exposure to harmful factors – smoking, alcohol, polluted air, chlorine in tap water, radiation from antennas, appliances and mobile phones), emotional stress, etc. which, when exerting their impact over the course of many years, lead to the accumulation of a certain kind of molecules (cytokines) that trigger and maintain the oxidative processes in the cells (oxidative cell stress). The metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids changes completely. As a result, many tissues and organs, the blood vessel walls, gradually become damaged, which is the cause of high blood pressure and a subsequent brain stroke or heart attack. Frequently the liver – the body’s chemical laboratory – is damaged (steatosis and cirrhosis develop). An organism affected in this way is susceptible to viral infections. We are able to prevent all this by reducing our overall dietary intake (healthy weight loss) and adding the necessary biologically active substances contained in Aronia berries. Aronia has a beneficial effect on the metabolism in the human body, but it has a disrupting effect on the metabolism of viruses and bacteria that enter it ”unwelcomed”. A special class of bioflavonoids support the ”alertness” of immune cells – the neutrophils and macrophages that are quick to take control of the invading infection ”on site”. Another class of bioflavonoids supports the lymphocyte immune cells, which produce and give the body antibodies to overpower the infection in a different way. These processes of neutralization of bacterial and viral agents take place within minutes, rarely within hours, which is why the body needs to have in availability the substances required for the function of the cells.

Furthermore, through the berries (juice) of Aronia we supply the body with vitamins and trace minerals, the presence of which is crucial for the function of the natural cellular antioxidant systems. Important are the high levels of exogenous antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and bioflavonoids. They enter into a direct reaction with free radicals without enzyme mediation. Therefore, let me point out again that the daily intake of 50 ml of Aronia berry juice is a must for proper nutrition and disease prevention! The chemical composition of Aronia berries is profoundly studied using modern analytical technologies. It has been established that they contain the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K and P (especially in crops cultivated in Bulgaria). Sufficient amounts of the trace elements potassium, calcium phosphorus, magnesium and iron, and record amounts of manganese and molybdenum. The high iodine content in the berries (especially in the skin of the fruit) is important in iodine deficiency conditions and for the young body. As for the sugars, the fruit contains a small quantity of fructose and more sorbitol, which has a natural laxative and diuretic effect. The cold-pressed juice is therefore extremely suitable for people suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

There are more than 250 scientific studies on Aronia in the medical science literature, covering several areas:
– separation and determining of all biologically active molecules in Aronia juice.
– monitoring of the effect of Aronia juice intake on experimental models of various diseases in experimental animals, most frequently lab mice.
– study of the effect of juice on different types of cancer cell cultures.
– study of the effects of juice on the cellular metabolism and genome in experimental cell cultures.
– a limited number of studies on patients with various medical conditions.

The studies were carried out by scientists in Poland, France, the USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, etc. They proved the health protection benefits of the intake of Aronia berry juice that are known since ancient times. We have now summarized them as: antimutagenic (anticancer), protecting the heart (cardioprotective), protecting the liver from damage (hepatoprotective), protecting the stomach from ulcers and gastritis (gastroprotective), anti-inflammatory, a proven antimicrobial effect, protection from radiation exposure, improves glucose utilization (uptake in tissues and cells) in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Therefore, Aronia juice is recommended as a functional food of value to health (rather than a nutritional supplement) in almost all chronic conditions, as well as in the convalescence period after severe traumas, surgery, and during chemotherapy. The effect of disease prevention should be regarded by everyone as one of a leading and utmost importance.

How to determine the daily dose of Aronia juice we should take?
1. For healthy individuals!
Take the juice as a functional food, 50-60 ml daily, mixed with 150 ml of water or 150 ml of yogurt, or with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water. Using the juice from a homemade fruit compote is also possible. Take preferably 15 minutes before meals.
The overall health boosting effect of Aronia is beneficial for pregnant women, children and athletes.

2. For the prevention of common health-impairing conditions, use the juice in two-month courses, three times a year: In this case, take the juice daily for 60 days, in a dosage of 3 x 50 ml (150 ml daily), prepared as described above. The conditions referred to above, include:
– Predisposition to or proven allergic reactions during particular seasons of the year.
– Before and during flu epidemics.
– People who spend more than 4 hours daily working on a computer; use of mobile phones; people operating in an ionized environment; work with potentially toxic products.
– Adolescents in the age group of 12-17 years, when the body grows fast

3. For those who have come into contact with people with contagious diseases, when the possibility of becoming infected cannot be ruled out – Age 55+.

4. The intake of Aronia juice has a favourable effect on a number of diseases:
For people with a proven medical condition, the recommended dosage is 60 ml twice daily, or a total of 120 ml (prepared as described above). The intake course may be interrupted during the months July, August and September. Such conditions are:
– Cardiovascular disease
– Problems with fatty acid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes mellitus).
– Hypertension.
– Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
– Chronic colitis and chronic gastritis
– During the convalescence period severe acute illness.
– During chemo- and radiation therapy.
– In the postoperative period after serious surgery.
– In the period following a brain stroke.
– Diseases of the superficial and deep veins.
– A milder form of haemorrhoidal disease.
– Erectile dysfunction in men.
– Cases of difficult bowel movements.
– Chronic musculoskeletal pain.
– Thyroid disease (with the exception of autoimmune diseases).
– Headache without reason (when brain tumour is ruled out).
– Diseases of the peripheral nervous system – sciatica, plexopathy, inflammation of the facial nerve, diabetic polyneuropathy (together with alpha-lipoic acid).
The overall health boosting effect of Aronia is important also in cases of complex drug treatment.

In modern pharmacological studies Aronia melanocarpa is presented as a plant which contains substances very important to human health. The biological activity of the anthocyanins contained in the fruits of Aronia melanocarpa produces in the body a number of effects: antioxidant, antimutagenic, cardioprotective, carbohydrate metabolism enhancing, etc. Regular consumption of Aronia juice as part of your daily diet can help you fight off diseases.
Suitable for every age and every season!

Enjoy the refreshing and useful Aronia juice – an amazing gift from the nature of sunny Bulgaria!
September 2014

Övriga länkar

I Sverige får man ju inte säga så mycket om kosttillskott, örter och näring. Faktum är att man får säga nästan ingenting alls. Men som tur är finns det mycket information på nätet. Den bästa infon hittar du på utländska/engelskspråkiga (det går att använda en webside-översättare).

Personlig favorit just nu – Masterjohn PhD. Mycket djupgående information, om olika ämnen – metylering, hjärnan och nutrition, inflammation, specifika näringsämnen med mera. Poddar är gratis, du kan hitta dem genom appen Podcaster (eller liknande), sök på Masterjohn, eller hans egen sida:

Den här svenska tjejen (Anna Sparre) har många rätt intressanda och lättfattliga poddar:

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Sköldkörtel problematik, mycket bra info på engelska:
Aronia har också använts framgångsrikt vid sköldkörtelproblem. Se länken ovan, aroniainfo.se.

”Adrenal burnout”
Se även forefronthealth ovan.

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